Mountains of Snow and ice to spare, sheep norway steals the show at Vikingtreffet 2019

A three-day adventure at the end of January reserved for the most hardcore off-road lovers, Vikingtreffet is a way to both test the limits of the latest in off-road technology and succumb to the might that is Mother Nature. That is, until Vikingtreffet 2019, when Sherp ATV not only made its debut but also played the role of savior. 

With all sorts off-road vehicles constantly getting stuck in the deeps snow, the one they looked to most often to get towed out of their predicament was Sherp ATV. And don't take our word for it: the video evidence on our Sherp Norway YouTube page is more than enough to show just how easily Sherp ATV handles the snow and ice. 

"We had even bought heavy-duty studs ahead of time, thinking that the conditions would be too treacherous, even for Sherp ATV", said Sherp ATV partner Scott Bean. "After taking the SHERP for a quick spin on the slopes, however, we could tell right away that Sherp ATV's tires handled the snow and ice quite well. 

At the same time, every vehicle is only as good as it is fun to drive. With Sherp ATV, that is never a problem. After a day of good old hard work saving the day, Bean and Nordisk Sikkerhet AS CEO Pavel Tishakov showed off just how much fun it is to own a Sherp ATV by taking it to a nearby frozen lake for a little ice-skating.

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