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Nordisk Sikkerhet AS

Lommedalsveien 230, bygg 4B

1353 Bærums Verk, Norway

Tel. +47 46 50 11 30

Email: pavel.tishakov@nordisksikkerhet.no

Located at Mølladammen Næringspark

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fire & rescue

as forest fires rage, you need the best firefighting solutions. with its all-terrain capabilities and firefighting options, sherp provides the ideal solution


Provides greater reconnaissance capabilities and improves offensive and defensive firefighting measures

prevention & surveillance

Extensive terrain coverage to perform preventive measures (controlled burns, etc.) and improve surveillance capabilities

search & rescue

Reach and transport injured people and survivors in the most treacherous areas and environments

personnel transport

One-ton payload and pneumatic suspension get fire personnel and heavy equipment anywhere smoothly and safety

Put sherp at the head of your firefighting fleet

Contact us about buying, renting, test-drives, and more