Razor Strand® Barbed Tape

Minimum Security for Construction and Manufacturing Sites

Razor Strand barbed tape is an alternative to traditional barbed wire for low-level security applications when added psychological deterrence is desired. Razor Strand can be installed in lineal strands per barbed wire specifications, or coils may be ordered as a substitute according to Barbed Tape Concertina dimensions. 

Barbed tape is fabricated from zinc-galvanized steel and shall conform to ASTM A 525, Rockwell hardness (15T) 80-85. Barbs are alternately offset at .15 to .45 inches from the plane of the tape centerline. 

The galvanized steel core wire is made in accordance with ASTM A-764, Finish 2, Class II, Type 3, with a minimum tensile strength of 220,000 PSI. Barbed tape width is .75 inches. Barbs are .75 inches in length and punched at 1.34 inch centers. 

Applications: minimum to medium security, construction sites, manufacturing and other low-level security applications. 

Razor Strand (wire reinforced)
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