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The Norwegian Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) is a research foundation for energy and nuclear technology. The Institute strives for a more eco-friendly power production system utilizing energy sources.


Nordisk Sikkerhet works with IFE on non-proliferation and disarmament activities as part of the UK-Norway Initiative. 


A diversified Canadian company offering professional services in the areas of Health, IT, Training, Engineering and Manufacturing. Calian employs over 3,000 people with offices and projects that span Canada, U.S. and international markets. 

Nordisk Sikkerhet and Calian offer nuclear and emergency management solutions on the Norwegian market. 

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Razor Ribbon is the cutting-edge security solution for any fence or framework: from correctional facilities to chemical and nuclear sites to military and maritime applications. 

Nordisk Sikkerhet works with Razor Ribbon to delivery world-class barbed tape products and more to the Norwegian market.


SHERP's cutting-edge features and superior off-road capabilities leave its competitors in the dust. From rescue missions, geological expeditions, oil and gas extraction, and military operations to recreational adventures and everything in between, SHERP is as reliable and indispensable as they come.

Nordisk Sikkerhet is the exclusive dealer of SHERP utility task vehicles in Norway


Based in Saskatchewan, Canada, IRD is an Intelligent Transport Systems Company and a world leader in the highway traffic management and in-vehicle systems solutions industry.

Nordisk Sikkerhet is the exclusive IRD product representative in Norway. 

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SIEZA products protect the perimeter of power plants, prisons, civil and military airports, factories, but also shopping malls, apartments and other applications with high-security demand.

Nordisk Sikkerhet is the exclusive SIEZA product representative of in Norway


Confections Carcajou specializes in sewing and designing accessories and tactical equipment for military, police, security, and other combat teams.

Nordisk Sikkerhet is the exclusive product representative for Confections Carcajou in Norway. 


PRE Labs is proud to offer a comprehensive and growing and line of body armor products, including concealable, external and tactical carriers, soft and soft armor panels, hard armor, active shooter kits, a multitude of pouches, accessories and more.

Nordisk Sikkerhet is the exclusive product representative for PRE Labs in Norway. 


The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (SBGS) protects the country's land and maritime borders.


Nordisk Sikkerhet has worked with SBGS to equip numerous border units with the technical means and training for nuclear and radiological materials control.


Rosatomflot is responsible for the operation and maintenance of Russian nuclear-powered icebreakers and special vessels. The company has participated in a number of international projects and initiatives to protect, consolidate, and repatriate radiological and nuclear (RD) materials worldwide. 

Nordisk Sikkerhet works with Rosatomflot to improve areas of the company's physical protection systems. 


The Nuclear and Radiation Safety Agency under the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan (NRSA) is a state regulatory authority in the field of nuclear and radiation safety.  

Nordisk Sikkerhet works with NRSA to improve regulatory and oversight capabilities of a state regulatory authority of Tajikistan in anticipation of active work to implement the commitments of the Republic of Tajikistan and international donors for remediation of uranium ore tailings and processing waste in the country.