Allez Les Bleus! SHERP Norway Hosts Test Drive at Rodskogen Offroadpark for the French Polar Institute​

The snow and ice may have melted for the season, but when you need equipment that can thrive in the harshest of Arctic conditions, the need to prepare is never an after-thought. So it is fair to say that this is what staff members from the French Polar Institute had in mind when they test drove the Big Red Sherp ATV at Rodskogen Offroadpark with SHERP Norway. 

Looking for a more economical way to get supplies to its base in the Arctic from the open waters, the French Polar Institute noticed Sherp ATV's unsurpassed amphibious capabilities and ability to get out of the water onto the ice. Sherp ATV is a money-saving way, the staff members noted, to transport our very expensive equipment across treacherous waters without the risk of losing it if the vehicle breaks through the ice into open water. 

SHERP Norway partner and Nordisk Sikkerhet AS CEO Pavel Tishakov noted that Sherp ATV is an economical option not only for extreme Arctic conditions but also for other professions, from construction, defense, and infrastructure to agriculture and forestry. "Buying an imported vehicle in Norway is, as a rule, much more expensive than in many other western countries. All too often, the price difference can be over 200%. Sherp ATV Norway, however, has optimized how it does business, so the price increase compared to the US, Canada, and other Sherp ATV countries is minimal, with the exact amount depending on the options chosen". 

Check out highlights from the test-drive here on the Sherp Norway YouTube page.