Nordisk Sikkerhet Participates in Equipment Transfer Ceremony in Zhytomyr, Ukraine

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In wrapping up yet another successful project, Nordisk Sikkerhet AS took part in an official ceremony on December 5th, 2018, marking the delivery to the Zhytomyrskyi Border Detachment of equipment for detecting of nuclear materials and radioactive substances. Supported by the Norwegian Government, this project was implemented in line with bilateral agreements concluded between Norway and Ukraine. Present at the ceremony were representatives from the Norwegian Embassy in Ukraine, Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority, Ukrainian Ministry of Economy and Trade, and State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management, and Administration of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. 

Lieutenant-colonel Sergei Kozubenko, head of the Zhytomyrskyi Border Detachment's CBRN defense and environmental safety division, noted: "These instruments make it possible to detect specific nuclear materials, medical and industrial radioactive substances, and other materials that may be sources of ionizing radiation. This radioactive-source detection equipment acts as a warning signal triggered by sources of gamma, neutron, and gamma/neutron radiation and alfa/beta contamination. Moreover, this equipment is used to conduct spectral analyses of the source and identify it". Comprising dosimeters, spectrometers, protective suits and masks, and more, the Nordisk Sikkerhet-led project provided almost 2 million NOK in equipment. 

Now wielding the proper equipment, the Zhitomir Border Detachment can inspect people, freight, and vehicles at all times upon entering or leaving Ukraine for any radioactive and nuclear materials that are prohibited from crossing the country's border. The border guards will also use the equipment when patrolling the area affected by the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident.