Bridge Monitoring and Safety

IRD Bridge Monitoring and Safety System

IRD's WIM (Weigh-In-Motion) technology can play a vital role by monitoring bridge loading, especially for bridges that are under a load restriction due to distress.

Aging bridges create safety concerns for the departments and agencies responsible for bridges. Jurisdictions do not have the resources or funding to replace every structurally deficient bridge. It is imperative that these bridges be preserved and driving made safer.

Monitor - Data Collection

  • Data collection at bridge sites to monitor approaching traffic

  • Identify bridges at risk for overloading

  • Set priorities and determine which bridges require immediate attention

  • Collect data portably or permanently

Advise - Bridge Protection System

  • Once a bridge is identified as at risk, the bridge protection system with Weigh-in-Motion technology is deployed

  • Overweight trucks are identified and advised to follow a detour route

  • Advisory signs can be either flashing static signs or Variable Message Signs

  • The message is relayed early enough that the driver has ample time to follow an alternate route

Enforce - Video Monitoring

  • Video imaging and tracking ensures that vehicle operators are complying with the bridge protection system

  • Axle weights and gross vehicle weight for enforcement

  • For vehicle identification, a License Plate Reader can also be installed

Article: A Lighter Load
Technical Paper - WIM System for the Reduction of Commercial Vehicle Traffic Delays at the Borden-Carleton, PEI Weight Inspection Station
Bridge Protection Brochure
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