Since 1979, Razor Ribbon®, a division of Allied Tube & Conduit and part of Atkore International, has been the world's leading and longest standing manufacturer of barbed tape products.

Razor Ribbon® products are engineered for consistency in structure and material composition and conform to industrial specifications. The company is globally recognized as the industry standard for both quality and design.

The Razor Ribbon® line of barbed tape products is the optimal choice for perimeter security protection. Manufactured for use in the most secure and restricted environments, Razor Ribbon® has enhanced security protection for a variety of industrial, military, and institutional facilities. 

Razor Ribbon® products are razor sharp and can create serious cuts on anyone trying to climb over a barrier. The products are not only used as a physical barrier but also as a psychological deterrent. Razor Ribbon® is designed to deter, delay, and detect intruders


Hexarmor Gloves

These gloves were designed specifically for handling barbed tape products. They are cut, puncture, and abrasion-resistant

Ground Stakes

Required to anchor ground-based installations, usually positioned at 10-foot intervals.

Hog Rings

For fence-anchored installations, Hog Rings are used to connect the barbed tape to the fence fabric.  

Hog Ring Pliers

Used to compress hog rings in fence-anchored installations. 

Wire Tie Twist Tool

Used to twist wire ties in fence-anchored installations

Warning Signs

Used to alert unsuspecting persons of imminent danger

Arm Sleeve Guard

Used to protect the installer, the arm/sleeve guard covers from the wrist to the shoulder

Wire Ties

Wire ties are used to secure and anchor installations. 

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