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PERIDECT is a reliable solution for precise and dynamic protection of facilities, territories, and more. It detects vibrations from the fencing and is more effective at preventing significant damage than when detecting an intruder inside the protected area. PERIDECT can be installed on all common types of fences and on non-standard fences, such as metal plates and welded decorative fences. 

Features & Benefits

Extremely low false alarm rate

PERIDECT drastically reduces false alarms caused by rain, wind, hail, lightning, and other weather-related issues. 

Cost-effective solution

One CUP+ control unit (with 2 LCP+ line controllers) covers up to 3 km of perimeter. Cascading CUP+ units protect hundreds of kilometers of fence. 

Protection against vandalism

Stainless steel cable tubes fortify protection against physical damage and electromagnetic interference. 

Detection accuracy

PERIDECT+ boasts very high detection accuracy - typically 3m - thanks to addressable vibration sensors on each fence panel.

3rd-party system integration

Programable outputs can be linked to security control panels. An open API is available for superstructure software integration. This software can display exaction intrusion location. 

Long life cycle

A straightforward design with no moving parts makes PERIDECT very reliable, even in the most extreme climates.  


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PERIDECT Antivandal

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PERIDECT Installation Manual

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