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PERIDECT+ Underground projects objects and areas from intrusion from unauthorized people. Buried detection netting ensures invisible and reliable defense. With PERIDECT's tried-and-true technology, you get high-detection precision and an extremely low number of false alarms. PERIDECT+ Underground combines the advantages of turboelectric detection and unique PERIDECT evaluation algorithms. PERIDECT+ Underground protects the perimeters of power plants, prisons, civil and military airports, factories, homes, and other places with high-security demands. 

Features & Benefits


Extremely low false alarm rate

PERIDECT+ drastically reduces false alarms caused by rain, wind, hail, lightning, and other weather-related issues. 


Detection Accuracy

Stainless steel cable tubes fortify protection against physical damage and electromagnetic interference. 


Perimeter length

The length of a protected area can be hundreds of kilometers, if you cascade CUP+ control units. One CUP+ covers up to 3 km of perimeter. 



PERIDECT+ Underground's modular design allows easy modification and future system extension. 


Buried and fence-mounted sensors on one detection line


IP camera integration

Programable outputs can be linked to security control panels. An open API is available for superstructure software integration. This software can display exaction intrusion location. 

In case of intrusion detection, the external IP PTZ camera is automatically directed to move to the intrusion area for two-step verification. 

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