Instabarrier® Barbed Tape

Maximum Security Confinement Applications

Instabarrier non-reinforced barbed tape is the most versatile of all barbed-tape products. Designed for both temporary and permanent use, it permits rapid recovery and reuse. 

Single coil non-reinforced concertina 76.2 cm in diameter are made of steel. Each roll has 101 coil loops with pairs of loops alternately spot-welded together at five locations around the circumference. 

Cluster of four needle sharp barbs are located 10 cm o.c. along the spiral turns. Non-reinforced concertinas are available only in stainless steel. 

Tape material: 301 stainless steel | 3.07-cm wide prior to forming

Barb length / spacing / offset: 6.35 cm (+/- 0.254 cm) | 10 cm on center | alternately offset .381 - 1.143 cm. 

Applications: maximum security confinement applications, nuclear power plants, petroleum/chemical storage, refineries, sensitive areas at airports and nuclear weapons storage, and more. 

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Instabarrier (non-reinforced) Single Coil
Concertina Rapid Deployment