Detainer Hook®

Maximum Security Barrier Applications

Detainer Hook barbed tape obstacle is recommended and specified around the world as a premier physical perimeter barrier that offers unequaled physical protection and psychological deterrence. 

Single coil wire-reinforced concertinas are made from 0.0635-cm thick AISI 430 (SS) stainless steel or ASTM A653 (GA) galvanized steel. Each roll consists of 31 coil loops with pairs of loops alternately clipped together. Clusters of eight needle sharp barbs are located 10-cm o.c. along the spiral turns. Concertina rolls are available in combination of SS or GA, tape and core wire. Barbed tape is wrapped 230 degrees around 0.248 diameter SS or GA core wire. 

Tape material: 430 Stainless Steel | 2.54 cm wide prior to forming
Core material: Galvanized or Stainless Steel | 0.248 cm diameter
Barb length / spacing / offset: 6.35 cm (+/- 0.254″) tip/tip | 10 cm on center  

Uses: confinement applications, nuclear power plants, petroleum/chemical storage, refineries, sensitive areas at airports and nuclear weapons storage, and more. 

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Detainer Hook (wire-reinforced)