Razor Ribbon Fence Pickets

Exterior Perimeter Security Products

Razor Ribbon's fence picket is designed for the rapid installation of a security perimeter. After the post is driven into the ground, barbed wire is inserted into the built-in slots along the length of the perimeter. This system can either stand alone or be augmented with the addition of barbed tape concertina attached to the barbed wire when needed. 


  • The fence picket is constructed from steel conforming to ASTM A1011, producing a yield strength of 50,000 PSI and complies with U.S. federal specifications and GSA guidelines for Fence Post, Drive Type, Spadeless.

  • The standard exterior color is forest green with additional colors and/or galvanization available upon request. 

  • The posts, depending on length, have alternating slots on each side every 22.86 cm to accommodate strands of barbed wire. 

  • The post width is approximately 7.62 cm and can be ordered in a variety of lengths ranging from 152.4 to 243.84. 

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