Triple Strand RDU

US patent #7.909.309 B2

The Triple Strand Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU) is a quickly deployed security perimeter appropriate for emerging threats or for a permanent barrier.

With the capacity to deploy 146.3 meters of Razor Ribbon in just two minutes, the Triple Strand RDU takes the place of a large crew working for hours in the field. The unit deploys with only two people and removes the potentially hazardous conditions associated with field installation of barbed tape coils.

The Rapid Deployment System consists of a stack of one (1) 152-cm barbed tape coil on top of two (2) 76.2-cm barbed tape coils. A network of structural support trusses every 3.35 meters adds rigidity and allows accessories to be fastened to the deployment unit. Additionally, support trusses come with provisions for ground stakes and an integral cable system to assist in deployment over any type of terrain. Deployment time is two (2) minutes and retraction time is between 12 to 17 minutes. Deployment length is 146.3 meters. Package size is 228.6 cm (H) by 1574 cm (W). Ship weight is 952.5 kg. 

The barbed tape is standard galvanized military BTC with galvanized high tensile strength core wire. Coils are fastened together in an alternate loop arrangement to minimize any intrusion attempts.

Uses: Economical, simple, and reusable system to provide the military, police, municipalities, and commercial/industrial security integrators with instant physical perimeter protection.

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Triple Strand Rapid Deployment Unit