Nordisk Sikkerhet and Calian have a vast network of industry experts across the world. Whether it's project management, strategic advice, analysis new and ongoing events (hazards, legislation, rules and requirements, etc.), the main goal of our consulting work is to improve efficiencies and both foresee and eliminate potential problems.  

Nordisk Sikkerhet and Calian can: 

  • Provide Multilingual support (English, Norwegian, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Dutch, and more).

  • Furnish internationally tried-and-true experts

  • Facilitate networking opportunities at national and supranational organizations.  

  • ​Provide security management consulting

  • Advise on implementing provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention.

  • Consult on threat preparedness for any level of government or company. 

  • Assist in compliance with international and/or regional laws (ex. licensing, industry declarations, etc.)

To inquire about how we can help your project, contact us today.