Company Policies

Nordisk Sikkerhet AS maintains the highest level of professionalism in our work. In order to meet this goal, our company adheres to the following policies:

​​Transparency and accountability
All our projects are carried out to the highest international standards for transparency and accountability, especially those involving government grants. In order to ensure maximum oversight, the professional accounting company Digi Regnskap AS performs Nordisk Sikkerhet's accounting. MPR Revisjon AS performs external oversight of all Nordisk Sikkerhet projects and economic activities.

Anti-bribery and corruption
Nordisk Sikkerhet has a zero-tolerance policy for bribery and corruption. The company has established an anti-corruption policy that applies to all employees and consultants working for the organization.

Fair and open procurement process
Nordisk Sikkerhet has established a procurement policy based on the Norwegian government's levels and recommendations for the procurement of goods and services. More information about our procurement process can be found here.

Political neutrality
Nordisk Sikkerhet works with partner organizations around the world and does not involve itself in any political matters in the countries where we work nor does it contribute to or support any political cause. Our single interest is the improvement of safety and security matters within the chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear fields.