CBRNE, RN Safety

Emergency Preparedness

and Response

  • Develop national and international emergency preparedness and response (EPR) plans and joint operation concepts.

  • Plan, organize, and evaluate national and international EPR exercises.

  • Device training/exercise programs for first responders on:

    • preparing, conducting, and evaluating EPR exercises

    • monitoring radiological emergencies

    • medical response

    • expanded response in nuclear accidents

    • protective actions in severe accidents

    • public information management

    • and more.

  • Conduct site and facility-specific technical documentation and guidelines based on IAEA technical documentation.

  • Conduct awareness and advanced/specialized medical countermeasure training focusing on first responders and medical-facility staff.

Countering Illicit Trafficking of RN, CW, TIC and Biological Materials

  • Fixed, mobile, and handheld equipment procurement, delivery, installation, and training.

  • International coordination and collaboration in countering illicit trafficking of nuclear and radiological materials.

  • Conduct non-proliferation, disarmament, and export-control trainings. 

Threat Assessment, Vulnerability Analysis, Physical Protection

  • Establish national and international radiation threat assessments for postulated nuclear and radiological emergencies.

  • Analyze sites' vulnerability and make transportation arrangements for nuclear and radiological materials.

  • Design and install physical protection systems.

Protection & Support

  • Render radiation visualization services.

  • Develop radiation protection plans.

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