Camp Villmark 2019: SHERP Makes a Splash at Norway's Premier Fishing, Hunting, and Outdoor Recreation Exhibition

Sherp ATV took front and center stage at the 2019 Camp Villmark Fishing, Hunting, and Outdoor Exhibition in Lillestrom. Over 25,000 visitors got to experience Sherp ATV up close and personal, getting a true feel for its true all-terrain capabilities combined with impressive fuel economy, stability, and nimbleness. 

"Camp Villmark was Sherp ATV's first exhibition geared directly at outdoor sportsmen and enthusiasts," said Sherp ATV partner and Nordisk Sikkerhet CEO Pavel Tishakov. "We usually get a lot of interest from people in the agriculture, forestry, and infrastructure sectors, especially for use in the Far North. At the same time, Sherp ATV is the ideal vehicle for hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation on any terrain. Judging by the reaction and follow-up we got at Camp Villmark, we aren't the only ones who realize this". 

First noticed by in 2016, Sherp ATV made its debut in late 2018, attracting significant attention but also giving rise to questions about registration and price. "People often ask whether Sherp ATV can be registered in Norway. The short answer is: yes. You can register Sherp ATV as a tractor. Besides, Sherp ATV is not meant to be used on civilian roads," said Tishakov. "We also get asked about the price. Like any business, we have to pay the bills, and in a country like Norway, imported vehicles are almost always going to cost somewhat more than in other countries. Sherp ATV, however, optimizes how it does business, so the price increase is minimal, just 10 to 20%. This is compared to many other cars and trucks that can cost more than 200% more in Norway than in North America".