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Nordisk Sikkerhet AS is a diversified Norwegian company specializing in CBRNE emergency and crisis management, training, and exercises; SNF and radwaste planning solutions; and nuclear reactor decommissioning services. Our experience and expertise span the globe, playing a critical role in ensuring safety and security in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear matters around the world. 

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A Commitment to Transparency ​and Accountability: Bribery and corruption are serious issues which all business must address. Nordisk Sikkerhet has clear anti-bribery and corruption policies which are agreed and adhered to by our staff and our partner organizations. 

Find out more about our policies and how Nordisk Sikkerhet promotes transparency and accountability in our projects around the world.

Procurement and Tendering: All documents and information for Nordisk Sikkerhet's tenders are available here.  ​

Political Neutrality: Nordisk Sikkerhet works with partner organizations around the world. Nordisk Sikkerhet does not involve itself in any political matters in the countries where we work, nor do we contribute to or support any political cause. Our single interest is the improvement of safety and security matters within the nuclear, chemical, biological, and radiological fields.